What is Aural?
Aural is a fractal music composer software.

What kind of music Aural can compose?
Any kind, since Aural is a very flexible program.

Can Aural compose rhythms and loops?
Yes, due to the nature of the fractals used on Aural, you can compose rhythms and musical loops.

What is the musical output of Aural?
Aural has three possible musical outputs:
1. Speakers, using your midi interface.
2. Midi files, compatible with most musical software packages.
3. Midi Ports, that allow Aural to send musical data directly to Midi programs.

What Operating System is required for Aural?
Aural runs on any Windows platform.

Can Aural will be available to public?
The first release of Aural is now available.

The music that I hear here comes directly from Aural?
No, The music that hear here was exported from Aural in Midi format and the instruments where assigned on a Sampler Software.
The role of Aural is to write the musical composition.

What is the relationship with Incendia?
Both Aural and Incendia uses the same interface and both uses fractals for their work.
While Incendia output fractal images, Aural writes fractal music.

Can Aural control other midi programs?
Yes, Since Aural can send midi messages to midi ports, it can be used as a midi controller in other

The music that I heard in the webpage is a fractal?
Yes, in most cases, is pure fractal music, there are variations, since aural has an integrated musical editor, but for most cases, is fractal music.

Did I need to learn about fractals in order to use Aural?
No, Aural will write the fractal music, you only need to play with the parameters.