Adding Baseshapes

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This simple tutorial is for adding baseshapes to Incendia NEXT.

Step 1

Incendia NextTutorial2 1.png

1. Select the Editors Tab.

Step 2

Incendia NextTutorial2 2.png

2. In the Editor tab, mark the Edit button.

Step 3

Incendia NextTutorial2 3.png

3. In the Baseshape Menu, select the New button.

Step 4

Incendia NextTutorial2 4.png

4. Use the Basehsape Browser to select a different baseshape.

Step 5

Incendia NextTutorial2 5.png

5. In the Baseshape Slider, change the Depth value to 6.
6. Go to the Controls Tab.

Step 6

Incendia NextTutorial2 6.png

7. Use the left mouse button over the Trackball for changing the baseshape orientation.
8. You can also use left mouse button over the Preview Panel for moving the baseshape.
9. Close the Baseshape Editor by unmarking the Edit control.

Step 7

Incendia NextTutorial2 7.png

10. Use the Preview button if you want to see the fast preview of the scene before starting the Render process:

Incendia NextTutorial2 8.png