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Incendia EX VI has 22 predefined fractal generators designed for the Block Interface.
Each generator consists in a series of transformations, on where each one is made of different function Blocks. Once selected, every generator produces a new random fractal each time that the New Fractal button is pressed.



Spirals I.png

Simple Spiral generator using the Affine Transformation Block and the Rings Block.

Spirals II

Spirals II.png

Another variation of the Spiral generator, this time using negative scales (it also produces fern like structures).



Generates random Affine transformations using the Affine Block. Useful for creating new fractals by appending transformations or inserting new Blocks.

Planes I

Planes I.png

Generates vertically oriented affine transformations for creating fractal cities using baseshapes.

Planes II

Planes II.png

Generates fractal-like polygons and Menger Sponges variations. Sometimes it also includes the Sphere Inversion Block.
Useful for creating fractal buildings.



Creates complex fractal structures from random polyhedrons, using the Affine trasformation block.

Apollonian I

Apollonian I.png

Generates Apollonian fractal polyhedra using the Sphere Inversion Block.

Apollonian II

Apollonian II.png

Generates 2D Apollonian fractals. Append an Affine transformation block or an Sphere Inversion Block and move it along the Y axis in order to extrude them in the third dimension.

Hyperbolic Tessellations


Creates Hyperbolic tessellation fractals.
This generator initially looks like a ring, append a baseshape in the center or a new transformation in order to show the hyperbolic tessellation structure.



This generator uses the Quaternionic Mobius transformation Block in order to create symmetrical Kleinian-like structures.
Its very important the baseshape position and the baseshape depths here, because it becomes inestable (stray dust) at certain positions and depths.

Quaternionic Indra


This generator combines the Quaternionic Mobius Transformation Block and the Sphere Inversion Block for creating 3D Indra pearls.
Its very important to position the baseshapes (some positions creates stray dust).

Mobius Z


This generator uses the Mobius-Z Block for creating vertical spiral-like structures.
Play with the baseshape position, because the fractal become very different for every position.



This generator creates Loxodromic fractals.
The loxodromes initially aren't visible, append a baseshape with a very low depth amount (a value of 1 or 2) and scale it in the X axis in order to show the loxodrome structure.
Warning: its not a very fast fractal because of the large amount of transformations.

Steiner Chains


This fractal is generated by positioning the Sphere Inversion Blocks over an Steiner Chain
It generates interesting Apollonian structures.

Quaternionic Steiner Chains


This generator mix the Steiner Chain generator with the Quaternion Mobius Block for creating interesting starlike structures.
Its not very stable, but you can find very interesting structures here.
If the generated fractal doesn't has central transformation be sure to add a centered baseshape, because the result is very interesting.

Spiral Flames


A simple combination of the Spiral Generator and the fractal flames blocks.



This generator combines the Scale and the Translate Blocks with the Trilobite Block (derived from the Trilobite fractal), for creating polygonal structures that resembles a jellyfish.



This generator combines several block types for creating 3D julia like structures.
Use small baseshape sizes.



This generator combines the Julia_Like generator with the Neg X block in order to create very interesting symmetrical structures.



Generates Fan-like structures by conbining the Quaternion Mobius Block and the Triobites Block.
Off center the baseshape by moving it along the X axis in order to stop the exploding dust.

Julia Boxes


This generator combines several Block types for creating symmetrical Julia like structures.



This generator creates fractal trees by combining the Rotation, Translation and Scale Blocks.

Julia 2


This generator combines the Complex Square Root block with the Scale and the Rotation blocks for creating Julia sets.