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Gradient Fog.jpg

The Gradient Fog control is an expansion of the old Color Fog control. This feature allows to map the fog distance value to a gradient. This control has the following elements:

  • Fog Color Sliders: Controls the Red, Green and Blue values of the fog color.
  • Gradient Preview: Shows the actual gradient (black by default).
  • The Random button: Randomize the gradient.
  • The Load and Save buttons:Used for loading and saving the gradients in a Fractint Map file format.
  • The Browse button: Opens the Gradient browser.
  • The Clear button: Clears the actual gradient (returns to black color).

The gradient color values are added to the fog colors, so if you combine a bright fog color with a bright gradient, the result will be very bright (often white color). Also, the gradient color is disabled when the "Use Background as a Fog Color Source" is enabled.