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This tutorial is for working with the new gradient options of Incendia EX.
For more information about the gradients, please consult the Gradient Controls page.

The Baseshape Editor

Gradient Tutorial 1.jpg

  1. Change the Depth value from 0 to 6.
  2. Go to the Colors Tab.

The Color Tab

Gradient Tutorial 2.jpg

  1. Select the Use Gradient Colors to enable the gradient use.

Gradient Preview

Gradient Tutorial 3.jpg

  1. Change the Panel option from Vector to Points in order to see a fast preview of the gradients.

Gradient Controls

Gradient Tutorial 4.jpg

  1. For every iteration, theres an assigned color from the gradient.
  2. Colors counts from this point (iteration 1) and move from left to right up to down until the last onr (iteration 255) is reached.
  3. This is the last iteration point, if a baseshape has more than 256 iterations, it returns to the first color and start counting again.
  4. Close the Baseshape Editor.


Gradient Tutorial 5.jpg

  1. Use the Preview button in order to see how the gradient will looks in combination with the light materials.
  2. Go to the Render panel.

The Advanced Tab

Gradient Tutorial 6.jpg

  1. In the Render Panel, select the Advanced Tab.
  2. And change the Color Blend Mode, from addition to multiplication.

Final Result

Gradient Tutorial 7.jpg

  1. Once the Color Blend Mode is changed to multiplication, you will see more clearly the gradient. Experiment with the other options.