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Incendia is a Fractal Generator that allows you to explore the realm of the 3D Fractals.
In order to make 3D fractals, Incendia uses the 3D Iterated Function System algorithm. Incendia is in development state and has the following features:

  • 1024, 2048, 2560 and 3072 px image resolutions (4096 and 8192 pixels for donors)
  • Supports 2X Antialiasing for smooth fractal renders
  • 48 3D fractal types (many to come in next releases)
  • Fractal Scripting support, for creating new fractal types
  • Texture library that allow to import external ones
  • Color Gradient support
  • Multiple Rendering Styles (Including volumetric fog and many new render shaders)
  • Multicore render engine
  • 3D Baseshapes for Fractal based constructions (includes six different displacement mapping baseshapes)
  • Fractal Tranformation Editor
  • 3D baseshape Editor
  • Material Editor
  • 3D Mesh Export (volumetric mesh exports up to 1200x1200x1200 voxels for donors)
  • Buffer Saving (for long renders)
  • Animation Support

The actual version of Incendia is NEXT