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About Incendia EX

Incendia EX is a a experimental version of Incendia that supports several new features and has many in depth changes on the fractal engine. Among these features is the animation support and the interface for making animations. This version also comes with two extra programs: The Square Quilts generator and The Snowflake generator (available on the donors version). Both programs are on the first version.

New General Features

  • Binary Data files (zdat files). This new format saves all of the needed elements (parameters,textures,gradients meshes,dmaps, etc..) packed in a single (often small) file. Unlike par files, users can share them without needing the support files. Also, you can use it to extract the data from old Incendia buffer files.
  • Variable Windows, In previous versions of Incendia the windows size was fixed, not if can even be fullscreen.
  • Static Linked version (Incendia_EX_Static), This version of the program includes all of the needed dll in a single file. This version of Incendia is included on the donors version.
  • Splash Window, An small splash windows is now presented while Incendia is loading.
  • Quit option, Previous Incendia version just close if you use the menu bar quit button [x], now Incendia ask if you want to quit.

Material and Shaders

  • Texture Rotation, Now you can rotate both ambient and diffuse textures. this option is visible on the material controls, and the rotation values are in degrees.
  • Neon Baseshape Shader. This new baseshape option adds a neon shader to the selected baseshape. This option is visible on the baseshape editor Color Tab.
  • A Neon Tutorial is now avaliable.
  • Variable Texture sizes, previous Incendia versions have problems with odd texture sizes, now all textures works.
  • Texture Interpolation, Now Incendia smoothy interpolates the surface textures for both ambient and diffuse terms.


  • Baseshape Previews, most baseshapes now has previews in the baseshape editor.
  • New Baseshapes: Bar, Road, Bump Torus, Sq Shell II and Arc.
  • Baseshape Neon Shader. This new shader gives to the selected baseshape a neon glow effect.


  • New Fractal, Stars and Hedras (an IFS variation).


  • The Animation Panel, Incendia now has a new panel on where there are the new animation options, such as the frame amount, and the camera rotations (next version will include more options).
  • Animation Previews, This option is on the top of the new Animation Tab, and it enables a fast preview of the animations.
  • Baseshape Animation Panel, This new panel let you configure several parameters of the baseshape animations.
  • Baseshape Animations, When you enable animation for the baseshapes, the editor shows the animation in real time.
  • Very Simple Animation Tutorial, Here is a simple animation tutorial, for starters.


  • Installer Script, The graphical options of the Installer Script was reversed, so when the user selected single buffer, on Incendia the buffer option used was Double Buffer, and when Double Buffer was selected from the installer, Incendia used Single Buffer. Now the Installer selection match the options used by Incendia.
  • x64 Installer Script, For x64 systems, Incendia now uses an x64 version of the installer script. Note that Incendia is still a 32bit program.

New Programs

  • The Square Quilts Generator, This programs generates an infinite amount of chaotic quilts. You can use the quilts as textures, surface textures or dmaps, also since they are seamless, you can use as a desktop background. You can access it from the program menu. For a brief example of the output, visit The Random Square Quilts Backgrounds page.
  • The Snowflake Generator, This generator produces an infinite amount of 3D snowflakes. The flakes can be exported to STL, OBJ or SVG formats. The STL files can be imported into Incendia using the STL Import baseshape. The program is avalilable only on the donor version of Incendia.