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About Incendia EX V

Incendia EX V is an updated version of Incendia EX (IV), that has several new features, such as new fractals and baseshapes.
This version of Incendia also includes the export option for Geometrica.

New Features

These are the new features available on Incendia EX V

  • Two new fractal types,
    • The Quaternionic Kleinian
    • Mandelbrot Set (very experimental!).
  • Five New Baseshapes,
    • Tetrahedron
    • Polygonal Spline R.
    • Polygonal Torus
    • Wind Spinner
    • Polygonal Displacement Cylinder (DMap).
  • New Generators for several fractal types.
  • New Gradient generator for the baseshape iterations and fog gradients.
  • Geometrica supports for several fractal types (Marked with a 'G' in the fractal type selector control.
  • Geometrica supports for baseshapes (Marked with a 'G' on the baseshape selector.) The Donors version of Incendia supports far more baseshapes.


  • Now Incendia prevents for accidentally saving renders on the texture folder.
  • Textures, Surface Textures, Backgrounds and Displacement Maps now can use other image formats, such as PNG or JPG.

Example Renders

Some are created by Incendia, and others by meshes exported from Geometrica.