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Incendia EX VI R4.png

About Incendia EX VI

Incendia EX VI is new version of Incendia EX , that has several new features, such as new fractals editor system, as well as several new options, such a multiple lights, new baseshapes features and many new generators.
This version of Incendia also includes the export option for Geometrica (v1.1) and Incendia Volumetrica.

New Features

Whats New:

  • The Blocks Interface, for generating fractals using simple transformations represented as blocks.
    • The following transformations blocks are implemented:
Overview of the Blocks interface showing a transformation composed of two blocks
1. Affine Transformation 21. Loxodromes
2. Scale 22. Gumowski-Mira Attractor
3. Rotation 23. Complex Mobius transformation
4. Translation 24. Affine Stars
5. Sphere Inversion 25. Trilobites
6. Rings 26. Quaternionic Mobius Transformation
7. Hyperbolic Tessellations II 27. Absolute XYZ
8. Reflection 28. Absolute X
9. Neg X 29. Absolute Y
10. Neg XZ 30. Absolute Z
11. Rotation XYZ 31. Complex Square Root
12. Complex Sine 32. 3D Flame Sin
13. Complex Cosine 33. 3D Flame Spherical
14. 1D Pow 34. 3D Flame Swirl
15. Quaternion Square Root 35. 3D Flame Sin4
16. Complex Hyperbolic Sine 36. 3D Flame Hyper
17. Complex Hyperbolic Cosine 37. 3D Flame FishEye
18. Complex Exponential 38. 3D Flame Horns
19. Z Mobius 39. 3D Flame RadSin
20. XYZ->-ZXY 40. 3D Flame Quaternion Root
  • Twenty-three different fractal Generators for the Blocks interface:
Output of the Quaternionic Indra Generator
1. Spirals 12. Mobius Z
2. Spirals II 13. Loxodromes
3. Random 14. Steiner Chain
4. Planes I 15. Quaternionic Steiner Chain
5. Planes II 16. Spiral Flames
6. Hedra 17. Medusa
7. Apollonian I 18. Julia_Like
8. Apollonian II 19. Reflection
9. Hyperbolic Tessellations 20. Fan
10. Mobius 21. Julia Boxes
11. Quaternionic Indra 22. Tree
23. Julia 2
  • Color Shaded Drawing option.
Outlined render, using the Color shaded drawing option
  • The Inverse Light Distribution Shader.
  • New Symmetries option (3x3, 5x5).
  • New Baseshape types:
    • Displacement Dome
    • Displacement Arc
    • Displacement Wall
    • Polygon
    • Crown
    • Displacement Octahedron
    • Sine Column
    • Lotus
    • Blob
    • Displacement Cube
    • Squared Torus (on Release 2)
    • Spherical Harmonic Box (on Release 2)
    • Cone (on Release 2)
    • Blade (on Release 2)
    • Twisted Pyramid (on Release 2)
    • Heart 2 (on Release 4)
    • Breather Surface (on Release 4)
    • Polygonal Ring (on Release 4)
    • Stars (on Release 4)
    • Icosahedron (on Release 4)
  • Three additional Baseshape distortion modifiers:
    • Root 1
    • Root 2
    • Spherical
    • Octahedral (Release 4)
  • The Camera Point of View can be moved.
  • Support for ten light sources (unshadowed). These lights can be textured (Light Gels).
  • Several new Surface Materials, including fractal generated materials.

  • Smooth Buffers, This option is for increasing the quality of the renders, by smoothing the surface buffer. It's located on the Render Tab.


  • The old Save Parameters (text based) button is now removed, now the binary version is used for saving fractal data, so please use the Save Data and Load Data buttons instead.
  • The editors includes now an small point based render window.
  • New Editor Tab for Additional Objects.
  • The Geometrica Button is now disabled if the Fractal/Baseshape combination is not supported (Release 3).
  • You can now save and restore Materials (Release 3).

Current Status

  • The first release is now available on the download page.
  • A tutorial for the new Block interface is available: Simple Blocks Tutorial
  • New documentation about the Fractal Generators in the Blocks interface is available: Generators
  • New documentation about the Surface Materials is now available.
  • Incendia EX VI FAQ is being filled.
  • Blocks Interface is now documented.
  • Incendia EX VI R2 is released, it also includes Incendia Volumetrica.
  • A new Incendia Volumetrica tutorial is available: Mesh Generation using Volumetrica
  • Several new Video Tutorials added.
  • Incendia EX VI Release 3 is now available. This version has a new render engine as well as many new features, such as reflections.
  • There is a new resource repository with Incendia EX VI examples: Incendia Resources, stored in AuralFractals.Net (because Incendia.Net has not much space left).
  • Incendia EX VI Release 4 is now available. This version has several new baseshapes, options and includes several new features, such as smooth buffers for better image generation.

Example Renders