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Quilts is the update version of the Square Quilts generator. This program implement variations of the Chaotic Quilts, that appears in the Symmetry in Chaos book.
In addition to the variations, Quilts allows you to select many color mapping methods and other effects.
Important Note: Quilts is a CPU intensive program, due to the large amount of trigonometric operations that it uses.


Attractor Tab

Transformation Browser


The transformation browser let you select how the chaotic attractor will be mapped to the final image.
There are several mapping options (more will be added in the future) and while the structure of the
attractor is the same, the colors may vary due to the mix of the attractor orbits.
The Lock option is for select a single mapping transformation when the New button is used.

Basic Parameters

Basic Parameters.png

This control shows the attractor equation parameters. Changing them will change the attractor shape.

Attractor Functions

Attractor Functions.png

This control let you change the terms of the Chaotic Quilts equation.
Every term is defined as a function Fn() and for every one there are six possible variations.
The Lock option is for select a single variation when the New button is used.

Render Tab

Quilt Resolution

Quilt Resolution.png

Use this control for choosing one of the three possible resolutions for the Quilts.
Since the the Quilt pattern is cyclical, the lower resolution is often the better.