Simple Mesh Generation

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This simple tutorial is for generating a STL mesh using Incendia NEXT volumetric mode.

Step 1

Incendia NextTutorial2 1.png

1. Select the Editors Tab.

Step 2

Incendia NextTutorial2 2.png

2. In the Editor tab, mark the Edit button.

Step 3

Incendia NextTutorial2 3.png

3. In the Baseshape Menu, select the New button.

Step 4

Incendia NextTutorial4 1.png

4. Select the Mobius Strip baseshape.

Step 5

Incendia NextTutorial4 2.png

5. Set the Interior Type control to Filled, in order to fill the baseshape interior voxels.
6. Increase the iteration Depth to 4, also change the baseshape Radius.
7. Enable the Show Baseshape option in order to show the uniterated baseshape

Step 6

Incendia NextTutorial4 3.png

8. Go to the Volume Tab.

Step 7

Incendia NextTutorial4 4.png

9. Choose a Volumetric resolution and press the Start Volumetric Render button.

Step 8

Incendia NextTutorial4 5.png

10. When the Volumetric render process starts, the render wheel will begin to turn.
11. After a time (depending of the fractal complexity), press the Export Volume as STL Mesh button in order to start the mesh generation process.

Step 9

Incendia NextTutorial4 6.png

12. Incendia will perform several analyses to the rendered volume and will begin to generate the resulting mesh.
13. Now you can end the volumetric mode by pressing the Close the Volumetric Mode.


Generated Mesh.png

This is the generated mesh, previeved in MeshLab.