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STL Mesh.jpg

The STL Mesh is an Incendia baseshape definition for importing 3D meshes

  • Radius, radius of the mesh.

This baseshape definition is a special one. It was originally suggested by Thomas Ludwig back in 2007, but in those times, Incendia was too young and I decided not to implement it (Thomas suggested the use of wavefront OBJ files, that I have declined due to their big sizes and low load speed).
In 2008, a friend from deviantart cyberxaos, suggested to me again to implement the use of meshes on Incendia, mainly for importing TopMod Meshes.
It was until 2009 that I finally implemented it, this time, using STL triangle definitions. The load speed is very fast and Incendia can now import very large meshes.
STL meshes are defined by triangles, and sampling a triangle was not an easy task, Thomas originally sugested to use baricentric coordinates (a method who uses square roots), but that was too slow.
Finally, by looking at an old 2006 render I got one solution: By using sierpinski triangles with four transformations,triangles fill very fast :) and require very little overhead calculation.
For more information about the STL fileformat, follow this wikipedia article regarding STL Fileformat