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Texture Generator.png

The Texture Generator is a feature available on Incendia Next. This generator is located on the Render Tab , in the Material Section.
The generator is used by both the Ambient and Diffuse textures.
In order to access it, press the button labeled Texture Generator on the Ambient or Diffuse panels.
Then the generator will become visible.
It works much like the Texture Browser. In order to use it, you can choose one of the textures and use the Select button.
Then the texture will be generated and applied to the selected material texture (Ambient or Diffuse).
If you want to generate a new set of texture, use the New Textures button. It will generate a new set every time.
As an additional option, you can use the generator to export the textures (in BMP format).
In order to do that, use the Export button located in the left side of the panel.
It will generate an export any texture that you can mark on the generator browser.
The Format and dimensions are the following:

  • Sphere, Export the texture as an spherical hemisphere, with the resolution of 512x512 pixels.
  • Plane', Exports the texture as a perspective mapped plane. Useful for generating Backgrounds. The resolution of the plane is 1024x1024 pixels.
  • Tile, Exports the texture as a seamless tile, useful for surface maps. the resolution of the tile is 512x512 pixels.

The options of this generator will be enhanced on new releases of Incendia Next.