The First Fractal Render

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This tutorial is basically oriented to the first steps of Incendia, and once you ended it, you will get a simple fractal render.

Basic Controls

Tutorial 1 - Basic Controls.jpg

Let's starts with Incendia basic controls:

  1. The Fractal Type Control, It lets you to select different fractal types
  2. New Fractal Button, This button randomly changes the fractal parameters every time.
  3. The Preview Window, Here you will see the shape (and colours) of the fractal. Also you can rotate and pan the fractal image here by using the mouse buttons.
  4. Basic Render Buttons
    1. Preview, for a fast shaded preview of the current fractal.
    2. Draw, for fast previewing the fractal while the main rotation and panning controls are active.
    3. Render, for starting the rendering of the fractal (if the render process is stoped, a Continue button will also become visible).
  5. The Zoom Slider, For zooming, you can also use the mouse wheel.

Fractal Selection

Tutorial 1 - Fractal Selection.jpg

  1. Select the Fractal Type IFS.
  2. Press the New Fractal button until you get an interesting fractal.

Rotation, Translation and Preview

Tutorial 1 - Rotation, Translation and Preview .jpg

  1. Use the Right Mouse button for panning (inside of the preview window).
  2. Use the Left Mouse button for rotating the fractal (also inside of the preview window).
  3. Press the Preview button for shaded preview of the fractal.

Starting the Render

Tutorial 1 - Starting the Render.jpg

  1. Press the Render button to start the actual fractal render.

The Render Process

Tutorial 1 - Preview.jpg

  1. Once the render process has started a Rotating Wheel will appears.
  2. Press the Preview button if you want to look how complete the fractal is (Theres an automatic preview too, but happens every four turns of the wheel).

Export as Bitmap

Tutorial 1 - Export as Bitmap.jpg

  1. Once you consider that the fractal is enouch rendered, select the Render tab to show the rendering options panel
  2. Press the Save Bitmap button and choose the filename (and directory if you dont want to use the default ones)

The Export Process

Tutorial 1 - The Exporting Process.jpg

  1. While Incendia is exporting, an slider will appear, once it is fully, the export is over.

Export Finished

Tutorial 1 - File Exported.jpg

  1. When the export process is over, a "file saved" message will appear, and now you can check you bitmap file.
  2. You can continue the render process by pressing the Continue button.