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Incendia EX Volumetrica.png

About Incendia EX Volumetrica

Incendia Volumetrica mesh, processed by MeshLab

Important Notice:
This is an outdated Incendia EX tutorial.
Use the Simple Mesh Generation Tutorial for Incendia Next.

Incendia EX Volumetrica is an Incendia version dedicated to the 3D mesh generation. The main difference between the normal Incendia and the Volumetrica version is the baseshapes, since on the Volumetrica version, the baseshapes are completely filled, reducing the amount of triangles needed for a mesh generation
Also, on this version of Incendia, the mesh generation engine is reworked and has more options and is faster than in the normal Incendia version.
On Volumetrica, the voxel resolution is also increased, with a new 1200x1200x1200 voxel resolution (on the donors version of Incendia) for the mesh generation.

Volumetric Baseshapes

Incendia Volumetrica mesh,vs an standard Incendia Mesh. On Volumetrica, the invisible interior structure doesn't exists, lowering the triangle count for 3D printing.

Volumetric Baseshapes.png

While most baseshapes are filled on Volumetrica, some of them can't, because they are simply open surfaces. In order to make a difference between them, the Baseshape explorer shows grey corners around those baseshapes that are filled, as show in the image.


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