Working with Baseshapes

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The Baseshapes are one of the most important sections of Incendia. By definition they are 3D surfaces that are iterated by the fractal transformations and due to that, they converge to the fractal shape. Since the possible fractal transformations are infinite the convergence is also infinite. Fractal transformations performs different distortions (in both shape, orientation and scale) and from that rises an infinite amount of different structures that Incendia shows. This tutorial is a basic start for general understating how baseshapes works.

The Editor Tab

Tutorial 2 - Editor Tab.jpg

  1. Start Incendia and select the Editor tab.

Opening the Baseshape Editor

Tutorial 2 - Baseshape Editor.jpg

  1. In the Baseshape Tab, selec the Edit option in order to open the Baseshape Editor.

Creating a New Baseshape

Tutorial 2 - New Baseshape.jpg

  1. Press the New baseshape button.

Main Baseshape parameter controls

Tutorial 2 - Baseshape Parameter.jpg

Let's see an overview of the Baseshape Editor controls:

  1. The Shape and Control Tabs, For changing the baseshape parameters, position and rotations.
  2. The Baseshape Type Browser, Here you can select the type of baseshape that you want.
  3. Baseshape Parameters control, this is on where you can change the parameters for the selected baseshape type.
  4. The Vector Panel, a CAD style preview of the scene.

There are other controls, but they are not covered by this basic tutorial.

The Depth Slider

Tutorial 2 - The Depth Slider.jpg

Let's continue with the tutorial:

  1. Change the value of the Depth slider to 3 and you will notice that the main sphere will be iterated three times, creating three spheres sizes that follows the fractal shape.

View Types

Tutorial 2 - View Types.jpg

  1. Change the Panel control from Vector to Points, to turn on and off the CAD style preview. The Points preview is useful for complex fractal scenery.

Changing Baseshape Radius

Tutorial 2 - Baseshape Radius.jpg

  1. Change again the Panel control to Vector in order to bring the CAD style preview.
  2. Move the Radius slider, so you can play with different baseshape sizes. This control is universal for all baseshapes.

Closing the Editor

Tutorial 2 - Editor Close.jpg

  1. Change the value of the Depth slider from 3 to 5 in order to raise the iteration counts.
  2. Deselect the Edit control to close the baseshape editor.


Tutorial 2 - Preview.jpg

  1. Use the preview button to get a shaded preview of the fractal.

Changing the Baseshape type

Tutorial 2 - Changing the Baseshape type.jpg

  1. Reopen the baseshape editor and now in the Baseshape Type browser, select the Torus baseshape.
  2. Select the baseshape Controls tab.

Baseshape position and rotation controls

Tutorial 2 - Baseshape Controls.jpg

Let's see an overview of the Baseshape Controls:

  1. The Rotation trackball control, move the mouse over this control with the left mouse button pressed to rotate the baseshape.
  2. Rotation Restriction and Fixed Rotation controls, not covered by this tutorial, but they are for restricting the baseshape rotations in one specific axis and for defining fixed rotations.
  3. Baseshape Restriction Translation control, also not covered by this tutorial, but they are for fixing the movement of the baseshape on one specific axis.
  4. The Scale and Shear controls, not covered on this tutorial, but they are for changing the overall baseshape aspect ratio.

Rotating the baseshape

Tutorial 2 - Baseshape Rotation.jpg

Let's return to the tutorial.

  1. Move the mouse over the baseshape Rotation Trackall with the left mouse button pressed, to change the baseshape orientation.

Baseshape parameters

Tutorial 2 - Baseshape Parameters.jpg

  1. Select the Shape tab to bring the baseshape parameters editor.
  2. Play with both Radius and TRadius sliders until you turn the torus into a donnut.
  3. Deselect the Edit control for closing the baseshape editor.

Preview and Render

Tutorial 2 - Preview and Render.jpg

  1. Select the Preview button to get a fast preview of the fractal.
  2. Select the Render button to start the fractal rendering (as in the Basic Tutorial).