Working with Materials

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This simple tutorial is for changing the materials textures.
It requires a baseshape that can be added by following the Adding Baseshapes tutorial.

Step 1

Incendia NextTutorial3 1.png

1. Select the Render Tab.

Step 2

Incendia NextTutorial3 2.png

2. Select the Ambient Tab.
3. Use the Texture Browser arrows to navigate in the texture library, then select one by pressing the left mouse button over it.
4. In order to apply the selected texture, press the Select button.

Step 3

Incendia NextTutorial3 3.png

5. Once the texture is selected, go to the Diffuse Tab.

Step 4

Incendia NextTutorial3 4.png

6. Use the same procedure as in the previous step in order to change the Diffuse texture.

Step 5

Incendia NextTutorial3 5.png

7. Go to the Specular Tab.

Step 6

Incendia NextTutorial3 6.png

8. Use the Specular Color control for adjusting the color of the specular component.
9. Lower the Specular Magnitude value in order to make it more diffuse.

Step 7

Incendia NextTutorial3 7.png

10. Final Result.