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The purpose of this tutorial is to learn how to use the Neon Shader (available on Incendia EX).
The tutorial is very simple and go step by step. It also helps to learn how to change materials and to create new baseshapes.

Getting Started


  1. Start Incendia and select the Render Tab.

Changing Materials I


  1. Change the Material Slot using the arrow buttons, to Material 1
  2. Press the Ambient button, for opening the texure panel.
  3. Press the Color button, for changing the color.

Changing Materials II


  1. Move the Color Sliders to the right, until the color turns white.
  2. Press the Ok button for apply the changes.
  3. Now move the Ambient Material slider to the right, until the value changes to 2.0.

Creating Baseshapes I


  1. Open the Baseshape Editor (in the Editor tab) and press the New button.
  2. Change the Depth value to 5 (five iterations).

Creating Baseshapes II


  1. Press again the New button.
  2. Select the Mobius Strip baseshape.
  3. Change the depth value to 4 (four iterations).
  4. Go to the Baseshape Colors tab.

The Neon Shader


  1. Mark the Enable Neon option.
  2. Change the assigned baseshape Material to slot 1.
  3. Close the Baseshape Editor.



  1. Press the Preview button.
  2. Press the Render button and wait until the fractal looks complete.
  3. Go to the Render Tab.



  1. Press the Save Bitmap button, for exporting the fractal as a bitmap, supply the filename.
  2. Once the fractal is exported, you can now press the New Fractal button for creating different fractals.

Example Render