Radiolaria Fractals

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The Radiolarian Fractals are an special case of spherical functions that with the combination of a boolean operator. They are included on this release of Incendia EX mainly for producing Radiolaria Shells by exporting meshes from the Volumetric Mesh Generator. Five configurations are presented (each corresponding to a platonic solid):

  • Tetrahedral, It often produces interesting Sierpinki Shells.
  • Octahedral, Interesting pyramidal shells.
  • Hexahedral, Nice for creating distorted builidings.
  • Dodecahedral, Some of them produces interesting star like patterns.
  • Icosahedral, The most beautiful of the whole group, it produces very intrincated spherical shells.

If you use baseshapes with them, you will notice that in some points (particulary near the center) the baseshapes aren't iterated. Thats due to the boolean operator.