The main objective of Incendia is to make 3D fractal generation as simple as possible. In order to achieve that goal, the interface is very simple and intuitive.

Most (not all) of the fractals on Incendia are Iterated Function Systems (IFS) attractors. The program works by accumulating the 3D iterations of these equations using the Chaos Game.

Incendia's approach to render 3D fractal is a straightforward one, since instead of rendering the 3D pure fractal, it lets the user select different shapes (known as Baseshapes), that in turn converge to the 3D fractal.

The program has been donationware since its beginnings and users that donated receive in exchange a high resolution version, that allows to render large fractal images and includes other fractal programs that I have created.

About the Author: Ramiro Perez

I'm an IT Professional as well as the developer of both Incendia and Aural fractal programs.
In addition to the work that you see in this website (and in Aural), I also have experience in IT Network Security and Network Design strategies.
I'm open to participate in Freelance projects.