Important Notice:

Incendia donors will receive a the HI-Res version of the program (render sizes up to 17k and mesh volumes up to 1200x1200x1200 voxels) and the advanced version of:

After the donation is made, you will get the donors version.

Incendia Next v1.7.2

Third Release

Tested on Windows 10

This release of Incendia Next has many interface changes (the mouse wheel now works for most elements), new controls as well as new baseshapes. It also have new drawing shader and new block transformations and modified fractal generators.
For a list of changes, please check the Release Notes.
Incendia NEXT also includes the following programs:

The donors version now includes The Sphere Generator, a mesh generator that uses several interpolation methods for creating spherical meshes and The Snowflake Generator.

HexQuilts 2.0.3 x64

This is an updated version of the HexQuilt generator

Tested on Windows 10

This new release of HexQuilts is a complete new rework of the old version.
The donors version supports high resolutions renders.
Here's two small YouTube videos of how the program works:

For an example of the fractals produced by HexQuilts, check the The Fractal Background Generator

Old Incendia releases

You can download old and legacy Incendia releases Here

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