Other Projects

And the list of the projects and programs that I'm currently developing:

The Snowflake Generator
This program generates an infinite amount of 3D snowflakes. It comes with the donors version of Incendia.
The Square Quilt Generator
This program generates random quilt attractors for use them as a textures or wallpapers. It's comes with the latest Incendia version.
For details about this program, check the IncendiaWiki article:
Square Quilts
The Fractal Background Generator
This is an HTML5 background generator. It uses the Hextiles for generating desktop background.
The home of this generator is in my RFractals.Net webpage:
Fractal Background Generator
Aural is a Fractal Music Generator. This program in currently in developing stage and I'm searching for support.
You can hear some of Aural fractal musics here
Geometrica is a mesh generator for Incendia. It takes the input fractals from Incendia and generates meshes for other 3D programs. It's on developing stage.
For examples fractals Incendia Fractal generated by Geometrica, visit the Geometrica Gallery
Sphere is a collection of spherical 3D mesh generators. The program let you build a extremely complex spherical structures, ranging from voronoi spheres up to spherical fractals.
This program is available in the donors version android of Incendia Next.