Incendia 1.5

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Incendia 1.5.jpg

Here is a list of Incendia 1.5 features:

Overview of the New Features

This is a fast preview of Incendia 1.5 (while im finishing the docs).


  • Improved Speed (compiled for external dll usage)
  • A new button for resetting the file paths
  • Several New Random fractals generators

Materials and Shaders

  • Gradient Fog
  • Random Gradient Generator for the gradient fog.
  • New Gradient Browser for the gradient fog.
  • Ambient Occluded shadow algorithm


  • New Baseshapes:
  1. Pyramid
  2. Double Spiral
  3. Diamond Ring
  4. Sting
  5. Rounded Box
  6. Pipe Box
  7. Double Spline R.
  8. Dome II
  9. Pipe Torus
  10. Helix
  11. DMap Column SQ.
  12. Shell II.
  • Information of the baseshape positions.
  • Single baseshape export button.
  • New fixed rotation option(45deg. on XZ plane).


  • New Fractals:
  1. Rings.
  2. Julia Set VII.
  3. IFS Reflection II.
  4. Trilobites.
  • Information of the Transformation position.


  1. 800x800x800vx.
  2. 1000x1000x1000vx.
  1. Median 3x.
  2. Median 5x.
  • Now Zooming and panning is also reflected on the volume cube.


  • Removed the "Surface Average Filter" control.
  • Added the "Intensity" option to the Glow Shader.
  • Expanded the Transformation Editor Options.
  • Default ambient and diffuse textures replaced.
  • The initial direction of the light point is now positioned over the horizont.
  • The STL mesh import baseshapes are now show in red on the baseshape browser.


  • Speed up the smooth shadow algorithms.
  • More Baseshape previews.


  • Sometimes the render wheel dissapears, still searching the condition that causes this behavior.