Incendia Next v1.0.5 Release Notes

Release date: 20/05/2018

Incendia Next

This new release of Incendia Next includes several new features such as new symmetry options, new baseshapes, many additional example files and several new enhancements for the 3D mesh generation Module. It also fix several bugs from the previous Incendia versions.

What's New:
New Baseshapes:
  • Polyhedral Fn I
  • Polyhedral Fn II
  • Device
  • Sculpture
  • Symmetric Fn
  • Segment
  • Hook
  • Moon
  • Gear II
  • Helix II
  • Strange Sphere
  • Temple III
  • Polyhedral Fn III
  • Polyhedral Fn IV
  • Column IV

New Symmetries:
  • Rotation XZ
  • Rotation XY
  • Combined Rotation
  • XYZ Reflection
  • X Reflection
  • Y Reflection
  • Z Reflection
  • Dihedral XZ
  • Dihedral XY
  • Dihedral XZ Reflection Y

New Volumetric Autofill Option.

Incendia fills the Baseshapes interior when it's possible.
This option is enabled by default, and it produces better 3D meshes, by reducing the number triangles. If you want to use the old method, just unmark the "Fill Baseshapes when possible" option, in the Volume Tab.

New "Scale the output Mesh" option.

Incendia meshes are now unscaled by default. This is useful for exporting the resulting meshes into many other programs, such as game engines.

You can turn on the old method by unmarking this option.

"Incendia News" button in the About Tab.

This button works like the Help button and opens the News section on Incendia.Net. Use this to get information about new releases.

Added several new fractal examples.

Bug Fixes:
  • The Shadow Buffer was not loaded correctly on buffer imports.
  • The Smooth Buffer option causes a crash, due to it's incompatibility with the new Rendering Engine.
  • Several minor bugs in the render engine.

  • Backgrounds are now saved when the PNG transparency is enabled.
  • The Smooth Buffer is now removed, since it's incompatible with Incendia Next new render Engine.
  • Multiple optimizations in the render engine.


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