Incendia Next v1.6 Release Notes

Release date: 13/01/2022

Incendia Next

This new release of Incendia Next includes several new changes in the rendering engine, the export engine, new baseshapes, many additional example files. It also fix several bugs from the previous Incendia versions.

What's New:
New Baseshapes:
  • Dodecahedral Surface
  • Leaf
  • Sinusoidal Wave
  • Triangular Wave
  • Lamp
  • Crystal Core
  • Lens
  • Hexagons
  • Pearls
  • Toroidal Bicorn
  • Paper Propeller
  • Cg Sphere
  • Helical Tricorn
  • Wheel
  • Cg Box

New Transformation Filters

For every IFS transformation, you can filter the next ones (up to 2). This allow you to build interesting fractal structures. The "RND" button in the main panel builds a random filter structure. Also the "CLR" button for clears all filters. You can directly control the filtering in the Transformation editor.

MultiCore exports

The image exporting functions now uses multiple cpu cores. You can control them by using the "Export Threads" control in the main Fractal menu

New Fractal Structures

Several new fractal strutures for the New Fractal button, with some of them including transformation filtering.

Baseshape Group controls

Two new controls for translating and equalizing iteration depths over all baseshapes in the scene.

  • The main iteration engine is now expanded, it supports now up to 24 current threads.
  • Multiple optimizations in the render engine.
  • Version numbers have changed in order to be more clear with the new releases.
  • Grids now adjust to the image aspect ratio.

Bug Fixes:
  • The resolution controls (Sliders) now works as intended.
  • Several minor bugs in the render engine.


Penta Star
Leaf Spiral